Why she ‘suffered’ in La Ferme celebrity

During her singing career, the beautiful Ève Angeli has participated in many reality shows. His most successful entry?the one from the first season of the show celebrity farm. She confided in today’s column about a regrettable time in her life. French Sunday, Friday, August 19, 2022.

Although she let the public know herself through the show star seedwhich aired on M6 in 1999, where Ève Angeli was a hit on her show celebrity farmFor nearly three months in 2004, the singer did agree to lock herself up with others on an old farm and live in rudimentary conditions to say the least. There, she developed the image of a beautiful young girl who was sometimes a little careless.on the pages of the magazine French Sunday, the singer confided her regrets about the period. “I’m not that proud of my staff past and my post-La Ferme celebrity‘, she began to explain.

“Life and assumptions are very complicated”

The one who also has a bad memory of the show splash admit: “I even wanted to completely forget that part of my life because I felt robbed of my existence. Life and commitment are very complicated.“The young woman concluded:”I’m not a self-made man in the media. I’ve suffered a lot, I’m really like a puppet.

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