February 4, 2023

Camille Combal in new trailer for ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Screenshot Twitter/Dancing with the Stars TF1

D-7, the twelfth season of the TF1 Dance Competition, has a brand new trailer starring the host and stars. A participant is missing.

Dancing with the Stars is coming back. After weeks of intensive communication on social networks by the jury, participating celebrities and professional dancers, Toutiao Entertainment will return on September 9.

To that end, the dance competition released a new trailer last night, 7 days before its launch. Eleven of the twelve stars of the twelfth season, accompanied by host Camille Combal, appear in this one-minute-thirty video.

The phone rang, and Camille Kombal, wearing a gray uniform and black bow tie, hurried to answer. “The Hotel Dancing with the Stars”, He announced, followed by some of the host’s characteristic humour.music be with me Presented by Calvin Harris and Justin Timberlake, Halsey and Pharrell.

Casting Overview

in a retro environment The Grand Budapest Hotel, Celebrities parade in skits. Singer Angu is doing fittings, “Isao Lanta” double winner, Clemence Castell is good at billiards, comedian Florent Peyre walks into the hall with travel in his arms bag.And then we find actor Theo Fernandez, in Les Tuches making a pile of champagne, singer Eva moving on golden luggage racks and Billy Crawford dancing a few steps in the living room with long curtains and rugs.

Zoom in on the large marble staircase, where former Miss France Amandine Petit descends in an infinity dress. Clara Lazarri, who appeared in “The Voice Kids” and “Eurovision Junior,” is drinking tea, and influencer Léa Elui is playing chess with Camille Combal.Finally, the actorit all starts here Thomas Da Costa is hanging from a pile of suitcases, looking for a hat, while David Douillet is raised from behind, fidgeting in the library .

But the entire crew didn’t respond. Singer Stéphane Legar, a participant of the season, did not appear.To announce it all, the musician briefly appeared on the cover DALS Bulletinthe newspaper Camille Combal reads in the trailer.

Stéphane Legar, who didn’t appear in the trailer, was put together on the cover of a fake newspaper by TF1. Twitter screenshot

To end the video, the host masqueraded as a housekeeper and urged his employees. “We are opening in a few days and I want five stars from my dance consultant”Announce Camille Combal off the pitch.

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