February 4, 2023

After a certain age, the first white hair points to the tip of the nose. To camouflage them, especially to look younger, women opt for increasingly bold colors. But is this a good idea? Not at all! While looking younger is great, it can sometimes have the opposite effect. So how do you avoid these confusions and enjoy a 60-year-old woman’s hairstyle on top? What hair color to choose after 60? Our editors are lighting up a light for a shade that desperately needs to be considered!

What Hair Color to Choose After 60 Hair Color Trends for Women 60

What hair color to choose after 60?

Coloring techniques currently available allow women to change their hair according to the latest trends, and they come in many variations. We usually go there with our eyes closed! But as you get older, it’s important to know what colors to like and ones to avoid. As you probably already know, some shades are rejuvenating, while others have the opposite effect – they harden facial features and thus age. To better help you make this crucial choice, the editors of Deavita.fr have uncovered 6 hair colors for women in their 60s. Which do you prefer? decrypt.

good to know : Dark colors should be avoided at all costs.


Prefer to play on the blondes? Ash blonde is a great option as it is perfect for gray hair. We recommend adding streaks, highlights or using it as a counterpoint to your grey hair to give the mane more dimension. The result: a smooth and natural transition of rejuvenation!


The trend right now is natural, self-acceptance! So, how to choose the gray hair trend 2022 that will be on the rise for the next few years? Note that gray doesn’t necessarily make you look older. Instead, this shade shatters stereotypes and restores women’s confidence while making them glow again. Just choose the shade of grey that suits you best. At the end of the day, it’s a natural process, and gray hair is certainly welcome!

What hair color should I choose at the age of 60? We love light brown!

As we alluded to above, for 60-year-old women, avoid very dark shades when coloring your hair. In this case, our Editors recommend light brown, which promises to bring more softness to your face, especially if you’re originally a brunette. The great thing about this 60-year-old woman’s hair dye is that it flatters all skin tones and gives mane brilliance. In short, it is a hair color that rejuvenates the face.

What Color Hair Women's 60 Years Picks for Dark Blonde Coloring Trends

dark blonde

Dark Blonde is a muted shade that may resemble a light brown, and goes well with grey roots. Don’t hesitate to ask your stylist to add subtle copper highlights to give your hair more structure. Results: A low-maintenance hair dye for women over 60 that revitalizes and glows. What’s more, it’s a fall hair color that can’t be ignored.

light auburn hair color

What hair color should a 60-year-old woman choose to stay ahead? The star shade of fall, the auburn hair color is widely acclaimed by celebrities, and it never disappoints. In the sixties, opt for light russet, whose warmth creates a rich and chic look.

Trending Hair Colors for 60-Year-Old Women: “Cinnamon Bronde”

If you’re naturally brunette, here’s a great pop of shade to brighten your face. As you may already know, Cinnamon It means cinnamon in English, and Brand Has a brown and gold combination. This new trendy hair color for women over 60 makes a splash and adds a fresh, alluring touch to every mane. This is the perfect shade for women who want a color change in fall.

No matter which hair color you choose for women over 60, don’t overlook treatments designed for colored manes. These makeups are designed to hold your new color for as long as possible.

What Color Hair Trends Women's 60 Years of Ideas Rejuvenating Shades

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