January 23, 2023

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In early August, tabloids reported on the rift between the stylist and her daughter-in-law, wife of son Brooklyn Beckham. Both sides are trying to quell the rumors. Alas, the ex Spice seems concerned about her relationship with the newlyweds today.

Holidays are stressful after a discordant dress. Last August, the media fueled divisions within the Beckham family. Some rumours have revealed that there was an altercation between Victoria Beckham and her stepdaughter Nicola Peltz over the latter’s wedding dress, which will be designed by her stepmother.A week later, the truth was restored in an interview type.

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Brooklyn Beckham and his wife have denied any conflict with former members of the Spice Girls. However, there seems to be some distance between the couple and Beckham’s parents.The stylist is said to be “shocked” by the disagreement that sparked a media frenzy and “concerned that the tension will affect his relationship with his son’s wife”, revealing daily mail According to some sources close to the stylist, she would also be very saddened that the newlyweds were not on a family vacation organized by the Beckhams in Europe.

Wedding dress, a sensitive topic

During her marriage to Booklyn Beckham in April 2022, Nicola Peltz opted for a luxurious Valentino wedding dress.In a few months, anonymous sources will reveal to Page 6 Victoria Beckham was to design the bride’s outfit, but the latter refused, not wanting her mother-in-law to be involved in the organization of the wedding.Soon, the newlyweds decided to give their take on the facts in an interview type“I was going to wear one of her dresses, I really wanted to, and then, a few months later, she realized her studio couldn’t do it, so I had to choose another dress,” Nicola Peltz explained. “She didn’t say I couldn’t wear it, and I didn’t say I didn’t want to wear it. That’s how it started, they (Media, editor’s note) Pounced. However, some people will dare to think that there is no smoke without fire.

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