February 4, 2023

mini top bra It’s back, hotter than ever! Bella Hadid Just became the latest celebrity to embrace the mini-top trend. She joined Dua Lipa and Eva Longoria while taking style to a whole new level. In fact, we recently saw a mini bra featuring the singer’s large silver rhinestones and purple leather underwear as the actress’ top.

Last Thursday, the top model shared a new set of five photos on her Instagram profile.These snapshots show a behind-the-scenes look at a day at the beach for a magazine ID. Forget classic underwear, Bella Hadid Wearing a less practical but equally conspicuous top.Almost topless and hot American model Appeared in the smallest Jacquemus bra. The chain sweatshirt is held only by brown heart and yellow star jewels.

Bella Hadid for Jacquemus: Luxurious and Natural Bridal Style

To add to this extravagant style, Bella Hadid There is a white blouse dotted with cutouts.Below, the American model wears long skirt envelope wedding inspiration, with thick tulle at the bottom. Both pieces are also signed by the Jacquemus fashion house. To spruce up her face, the star’s stylist opted for a no-makeup tan complexion and brown hair styled from the water.

In an interview posted on the website IDrelated to photo sessions Bella Hadid, the model spoke candidly about what it was like to enter the industry.She admits to having faced Impostor Syndrome. “During that time in my life, I was so disconnected from my body, I was so divided…I was so confused by what people thought of me” she says.“To this day, when I sit on the couch and see comments on Instagram, I think, ‘Are they talking about me? I don’t understand how I got to the point where people like my work or know who I am? of. “

Later in the interview, Bella Hadid She added that being true to herself was the only way she could stay sane in such a stressful career. “People can make up stories about me, they can make up any version of me in their minds” sharing Bella Hadid. “But I think the truth and the light will always come out eventually. My truth, who I really am, where I stand, will be seen. »

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Bella Hadid, the up-and-coming actress in the series Lamy

The podium performances over the years have led Bella Hadid to a new career. Over the years, under the creative direction of stylists and photographers, she became an actress.This year, she will make her debut in the show Lamy. she will be recurring in a story muslim american The first generation, torn between his family culture and American nihilism.

She plays a fictional character with similarities to her story. efficient, Bella Hadid Born into an immigrant family in Washington, USA. Bella’s father, Mohamed Hadid, was a refugee from Palestine in 1948. The Hadid family’s lineage can be traced back to the 18th century ruler of northern Palestine, Dahir al-Umar, who was known for his tolerance of all religions.

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