February 2, 2023

As of 2021, TikTok is the most followed social network in the world. Before that, mostly used by young people, Chinese-language platforms are becoming popular and welcoming various content creators for a growing audience. Now, many tiktokers have rubbed shoulders with fame, some reaching dizzying numbers of followers. Here are some reports of the Spaniards who are batting.

1. @benjikrol

21-year-old young Benji Krol broke the score. With over 31 million people (31.4 million) following him on his TikTok account, he has become one of the most influential content creators in Spain. Before meeting celebrities, the Brazilian-Madridian posted videos on the platform just for personal entertainment. But Benji Krol quickly became a huge success on the app, creating a YouTube channel of the same name in the process. The young influencer is gaining traction on TikTok for everything from simple dances to lifestyle content. Diversity can also be found on his YouTube channel, where you can watch a variety of videos: cooking, fashion, challenges… Benji Krol also knows how to conquer hearts with his angelic face. However, the young man is no longer a heart as he shares his life with Jorge Garay from 2020. Benji and his partner (who is also a TikTok star) showed off the relationship on social networks in broad daylight.


this feeling >

♬ Original Sound – Benji Krol

2. @naimderrachi

Naim Darrechi has around 28 million followers, the least we can say is that Naim Darrechi is popular on TikTok. The 20-year-old singer has gained notoriety since 2016 thanks to his YouTube channel and his Instagram account. Its popularity has grown since then. Naïm even published a book in 2019 called Muy Personal, in which he abandoned himself with an open mind. In 2020, the TikTok leader won Best Spanish Artist at the Kids’ Choice Awards. Despite his dazzling success on various social networks, the young Spaniard has continued the song, racking up more than a dozen titles since 2019.

@naimdarrechi Siempre manda el mayor @Thiago Darrechi ♬ Marimar – Thalia

3. @rosalia

The internationally successful Spanish singer is also popular on TikTok, where she has no less than 24 million followers. Last March, she organized a concert on TikTok to celebrate the release of her never-before-seen third album, Motomami, on the Chinese platform, paying particular attention to the man who needs no introduction. The young Catalan often posts videos of herself performing, singing and dancing, and shares videos of her concerts to please her fans.


♬ Linda – Tokischa & ROSALÍA

4. @juliamenugarcia

The 30-year-old has amassed a large number of subscribers (over 23 million followers) on the platform with her humorous videos. Julia Menu García has produced a series of videos in which she directs and interprets two characters she calls the “TikTok sisters”. She brought two characters to life through a book called Las locas aventuras de las hermanas de TikTok. In addition to the comic side of her account, the young woman offers everything from music videos and makeup tutorials to videos of a duet with her partner Francisco Callejón, who himself has 9 million followers. She was also talking about her year in 2021, when she revealed that she had won a total of almost 18,000 euros thanks to the music platform TikTok.


Adivinais mi destino? es fuera de Europa

♬ Soundtrack – Benjy Elizerio

5. @samuellopez_

Samuel Lopez, 24, has conquered TikTok with videos of dance performances and other comics he shares with his 19.9 million followers. Originally a professional dancer himself, he proved to be a true inspiration through the application of many other dancers of his generation. His popularity also soared in 2020 when he officially entered into a relationship with fellow tiktokeur Osstev.

@samuellopez_ from 1 to 10? cómo me ha salido? 🥺 dc @jason soto ortiz ♬ Moscow Mule – Bad Rabbit

6. @jordi.koalitic

Jordi Puig, alias Jordi Koalitic, is a Spanish photographer and videographer. On his TikTok account, he has amassed 19.5 million people thanks to his art. He mostly posts videos to share his work, even revealing the backstage of his photoshoots. His reputation has been established as he has worked with famous brands like Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz, Red Bull… but also with international stars like Will Smith, Lisa Kosch or Pepe Aguilar. Since becoming a photographer in 2012, the Barcelona native has attracted a growing audience through his social network.

@jordi.koalitic Stranger Things🔥 #strangerthings #photography #creative #jordikoalitic ♬ Stranger Things – Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

7. @twinmelody

After becoming famous on YouTube, Twin Mélody’s twins have become real stars on TikTok. Songs, dances, challenges… Those who made their mark on YouTube by covering songs by artists like Luis Fonsi, Adèle or Ed Sheeran have now gained 18 million followers on TikTok and on TV. The two young women also participated in the famous Spanish talk show El Hormiguero and La Resistancia. If the content of the binoculars is so hot, it is undoubtedly because of its innovative side: clothing, hair color… One thing is certain, the two Spaniards stand out. They continue to sing in parallel with social networks. Aitana and Paula have no less than 20 titles.

@twinmelody TRANSICIÓN 🥰 #transition ♬ original sound – justanunknownstar

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