January 27, 2023

Dua Lipa just broke all the rules of how wedding guests dress, and the results are absolutely stunning!

‘Love Again’ singer Dua Lipa attended the elegant wedding of Jacquemus founder Simon Porte Jacquemus and longtime partner Marco Maestri.

During the ceremony, the talented young woman was radiant in a lovely sheer dress. For more details, we will provide you with an appointment in the subsequent lines!

Dua Lipa: Spectacular entrance!

like love really in the air. This summer, we had a big wedding! Kourtney Kardashian’s many celebrations culminated in a lavish Italian ceremony. Or Britney Spears’ heartwarming wedding to Sam Asgari. Not to mention Beniver’s long-awaited wedding. For this occasion, celebrities don their 31s to grab attention. There’s nothing Dua Lipa can’t do in “This Event”!

Wedding season doesn’t seem to be over yet…at least as far as fashion goes. Rapper Lizzo impressed her fans by running in the sea in a long white wedding dress.A few days later, internationally successful singer Dua Lipa is the next celebrity to jump ship Chic Wedding Trends.

On August 27th last year, it was the real costume modeling demonstration scene! Simon Porte Jacquemus and Marco Maestri’s wedding invited a lot of people.Opportunities for guests take out their best clothes ! Among them, Dua Lipa also disapproved of her breathtaking appearance. Absolutely no one expected it!

The event took place in Charlevore, France. For the occasion, Dua Lipa wore an outfit that might well be believed to be “his special day”.she literally be in the spotlight !

What she wore for this special day is talking about her!

Dua Lipa’s clothing taste never ceases to amaze the public.For fashionistas, the singer quickly became fashion reference. Sure enough, personality is overwhelmed by talent! No need to remind you, he had a successful musical career. Especially since he sometimes writes his own songs!

works include backless strapless top. This is also a very stylish cut that most fashionistas are adopting this summer! Dua Lipa’s dress also features sheer cap sleeves. It’s these details that make this dress unique! Indeed, it is the originality of this work that makes people talk about it!

Also, the sheer dress that Dua Lipa decided to choose was great with thigh-high slits, low flare skirt. An amazing combination that only accentuates her flawless curves. Because yes, the “Love Again” performer has a look that will captivate anyone!

Dua Lipa’s outfit is embellished with embellishments, including an opaque white lining and scattered drooping flowers. On the other hand, the talented singer wore matching white underwear under a sheer mesh bodice. Decisive, this look really has it all. Especially since this young woman knows exactly how to wear it!

Dua Lipa: How did she finish the dress?

Judging by her outfit, you can tell Dua Lipa has a great taste for detail! That’s why the singer is betting on accessories that are more or less daring.To that end, she completed her all-white look simple high heels And mismatched earrings!

When it comes to earrings, Dua Lipa is betting on a rather original but trendy style! Indeed, one of them is in the shape of a star. And each other in a big circle. To complete it all, the singer also carried a black bag with woven handles.

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