January 27, 2023

Wear straight hair like chopsticks but flow like silk? This is the look that Liquid hair fans are going for. This hairstyle trend, whose goal is to bring a flowing look to your mane, is having a revival this summer for long-haired celebrities. From Kim Kardashian to Duva Lipa passing Jennifer Lopez, people show amazingly straight hair…but in motion.

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Because that’s what Liquid Hair is all about: combining firmness and fluidity. While some people would hesitate to use extensions or (ab)use chemical processes (such as hair lamination) to achieve this, luckily they are not necessary.

Combs, accessories that make perfect liquid hair different

Recently, celebrity hairdresser Jonathan Van Ness shared a tutorial on the subject with 208,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. The key is a very smooth, frizz-free length that sparkles with every action thanks to the star accessory: the comb!

In his step by step, the stylist uses several products from his JVN brand to add shine, but it’s this simple tooth accessory that makes all the difference. Of course, a professional hair straightener is a must. But this simple, millennial unwrapper perfects its effectiveness, directing length with precise movements.

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Liquid Hair: Hairdresser Tutorial for Straight, Shiny and Moving Hair

Step 1: Apply heat protectant

Apply heat protectant and distribute product evenly between hands and then along length. You can use a hairbrush for perfect distribution. Stick with the tips as they are older and therefore more fragile than other hair.

Step 2: Use the Straightener and Comb

Use a straightener…arm yourself with its tooth comb! Because, according to Jonathan Van Ness, “A straightener can’t perfectly straighten hair without a comb”. The latter allows you to better train the hair that will be inserted into the straightener. In this way, we also avoid multiple passes, which can be fatal for fiber.

  • Curls should be divided into small sections, separated with clips.
  • Straight to wavy hair can be straightened into larger sections.
  1. Take a section that frames the face.
  2. through the comb under it.
  3. As you slide the comb toward the tip, smooth the core with the iron, place it behind the comb, and move down.
    Slow down slightly at the tip. This gesture can be performed quickly on straight hair, but must be slower on curly hair. Avoid straightening the roots to maintain volume.
  4. Perform the same gesture on the entire hair, section by section.

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Step 4: Finish with a Styling Cream and Special Brightening Serum

  1. Add a small amount (less than a pea) of styling cream, spread between palms, and apply to the small buns that make up the face.
  2. They can then be styled with a brush, smoothed out, and held like this with bobby pins for a few minutes.
  3. Complete the liquid hair effect with a special shine serum.

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