January 27, 2023

Meghan Markle was immortalized when she arrived in Windsor. (September 10, 2022.) abaca

The Duchess of Sussex meets the public near Windsor Castle on Saturday 10 September following the Queen’s death. Netizens have since claimed that she hid a tape recorder in the folds of her dress.

No one expected Prince Harry and Prince William, along with their wives Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, to make a foursome appearance. Despite rumors of a falling out between the brothers, the Prince of Wales did contact the Duke of Sussex and offered him to meet at Windsor Castle on Saturday, September 10, two days after the Duke of Sussex died. . Elizabeth II.OpportunityFabFourMeet the public.

In video, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: Chronicles of public shame

The duo’s joint appearance caused a sensation on social networks, with rumors and criticism directed at the two couples. Some internet users have specifically claimed that a rectangular pleat on Meghan Markle’s black dress actually hides a microphone. It’s all about documenting these historic moments and featuring the Sussex couple in a future Netflix documentary.

$100 million deal

The pair did strike a $100 million (€100 million) deal with the streaming platform in October 2020 to “develop series (…), films, documentaries and children’s shows. In an interview that cutAt the end of August, Meghan Markle thus evoked a Netflix documentary – dubbed by some as a “reality show”, which the Duchess denies – about her first year of marriage to Prince Harry, and how she Birth of son Archie. Since then, other internet users have been outraged by rumors of so-called hidden microphones in the 1940s.

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‘It hurt him’

“It’s actually a crease in her dress,” one commented.What relatives of the Duchess confirmed in column Page 6, Tuesday, September 13. “It was crazy and it hurt him,” the anonymous witness explained. Of course, she wasn’t wearing a microphone. In addition to the allegations, Meghan Markle was also accused on Twitter of being rude to an assistant.

The origin of this scandal? In a video, she appears to suddenly speak to him. Since then, a sequence of voice shows has suggested that the Duchess spoke politely. A barrage of criticism has also been the subject of Prince William, who has been accused of “goujaterie” for not blocking the car door for his wife Kate Middleton, as Prince Harry did for his wife.

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