January 23, 2023

have these trend who will never leave us who will never stop being theirs return. This return is surprising to say the least, and we still don’t know if we agree with it.

Back-to-School Hairstyles: A Trend

For several years, The middle part is the queen. When barbers ask us how we want our hair done, the question actually almost never comes up. separated in the middle. That’s it, you would never think to change it. doing what? tortuous parting ? On the side? Too old-fashioned. However, in the 2000s, side wicks were numerous. Didn’t you see him come back? Slowly, but surely, she’s picking the pretty heads of our favorite stars again. Just like that, without warning.we could have understood Kylie Jenner 90’s ponytail. However, one side parting A comeback indeed, no offense to its detractors.

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How to wear the side part?

before, a Must have, with the middle part coming, the side part quickly becomes tacky (it was itself tacky before the side part). So it’s no surprise that the wheels turned and brought this hairstyle that reminds us of our 12 years. prove, dualipaAriana Grande even Madison beer succumb to it. The benefits of side points? You can change your hairstyle. In a ponytail, behind the ears, brush your teeth a lot Elegant, or simple and natural, just out of the shower. We didn’t expect to say this one day, but we really wanted to test this 2000s hairstyle with our next outfit.

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