January 27, 2023

If asked to sum up the fashion world in one word, one of the most apt would be the word “change”. This environment is indeed influenced by consumer trends and habits that are far from set in stone. In this perpetual upheaval, some factors remain intact. Jeans are such a fashion classic. The 2021 study estimates that more than 2 billion pairs of jeans are sold each year. This is a good indication of the success of this dress. We’ll tell you more about its history.

The origin of denim and jeans

To understand the origins of denim and jeans, several events should be considered.First, there is The coining of the word “jeans” go through Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss 1873. It was imposed because the fabric on the bottom of jeans at the time knew its rise. He started conquering the world from the Italian city of Genoa, where textiles were called ” denim “. It had a special color that eventually earned the name for the clothes made from it” blue jeans “.

Faced with the dazzling success of Genoa fabrics, several professionals in the field have tried to draw inspiration from it, but in vain.Only the weavers in Nimes knew how to use it to create a new unique fabric called “denim”. It features a serge weave with a twill design. This is how denim was born, and its name comes from the abbreviation of the word “de Nîmes”. Soon, the canvas also managed to make a name for itself. Its notoriety stems from several aspects, including its original appearance.

Jeans History

How did denim evolve into a popular fabric?

Whether you go to a clothing store in France or elsewhere, you can always find something fabrics available for sale. Denim quickly became a benchmark in the fashion world. Even though canvas is not the source of jeans, it is still recognized and very popular for many reasons.

Denim Quality and Aesthetics

The quality of this textile is very good. Denim is a canvas that will keep you going for a long time. It’s very tightly woven; this gives it interesting durability. Jeans made from this fabric can last for years without tarnishing.

Denim is especially beautiful. He knows how to stand out with unique visuals that elevate the garments he creates. Even within the jeans family, this fabric is considered to have its own identity. She is real and knows how to highlight that aspect.

Expertise and traditionalism

Last but not least, denim is a form of traditionalism.Actually from The know-how of a French weaver who paid special attention to its creation. The weaving method used is unique and specific to the French region. To have denim, you need to intertwine the warp and weft threads.

Their intersection angle must be exactly equal to 90°. It is then necessary to thread the weft above or below the warp to create the characteristic pattern of the denim. Therefore, making the perfect canvas requires a great deal of expertise. These are the points that have kept denim evolving over the years. Jeans made from it have quickly become an everyday necessity. Very functional, they are now the perfect ally for a casual chic style.

The rise of denim as a haute couture fabric

The rise of denim didn’t stop there.he is really fast conquered the upper class of fashion. Many designers choose it as the basis for their unique and original work. Denim has also effortlessly established itself in haute couture, given the stretchability of the fabric and the beauty of the result.

It didn’t take long for many sophisticated jeans to appear. Their success has prompted all fashion houses to adopt denim to provide on-trend luxury clothing. So, to this day, you can find jeans for every occasion.

celebrities who helped popularize denim over the years

Denim is also notorious for the media coverage it receives. Extremely popular, it has been adopted by several celebrities and influencers from all walks of life. The latter helped popularize it by proudly displaying it while wearing it. You should know that there are several categories of celebrities in question. E.g:

  • actor likes Carol Lombard and John Wayne E.g,
  • rock star,
  • Celebrities from haute couture, such as Claudia Schiffer, Yves Saint LaurentETC.

Over the years, some jeans wearers have created various movements with more or less important qualities.This is the case with names like this Marlon Brando And its rock-rebel image in the 1950s.

How to adapt jeans to different occasions and shapes?

To properly wear jeans, two elements must be considered. The first has to do with the occasion or how it should be used. Poor accessories, jeans can express quickly. This is because it is mostly casual clothing. Therefore, it is suitable for casual outings or less formal settings.

However, jeans may be worn for formal occasions such as work. It was then necessary to associate it with more formal outfits, such as shirts for men and tunics for women. Denim jacketa fashion must-have that can also only be used to cover dresses or stricter ensembles.

The second factor to consider is morphology. It not only lets you choose the size of your jeans, but also the type and cut of the garment. For example, for some people, pants will be more popular than shorts or skirts.

Jeans trends for the coming seasons

Trends are the determining factor for each garment or clothing type. It allows you to point out that it is advisable to wear the perfect standout. When it comes to jeans, the trend is somewhere between traditional and modern.For example, if trousers and jackets remain timeless, some improvements can make them fashion items.

In the upcoming season, cotton jeans are well received. It can be rejected in several cuts. Nonetheless, it should be noted that it is necessary to leave a wider cut at the level of the legs, rather than a slim model. Falling into this category are cropped jeans, patchwork jeans, or flared jeans. For the color, white is recommended, but on the blue model, it will be stylish to choose the trim.

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