January 27, 2023

Amel Bent never ceases to wow his fans and silence his criticsThe best thing is that to complete this tour, she just has to be herself. In fact, it’s only natural for the singer to get back on stage and chain shots.

Perhaps less so, when she gave birth to her third child five months ago, she was already showing perfect lines again. Because a recent article by Amel Bent has set the web on fire again. She appeared in a tight black dress that accentuated her figure. A figure that doesn’t imply she’s still a young mom!

Amel Bent takes it all and shines like never before

The singer has always had a strong character. Some say this is what helped him break into the art world. Indeed, when you are a woman who is neither thin nor white, when fame calls you, you must know how to persevere.and “Raised Fist”she knows how to hold her head high in every fight.

Criticized for her origins, her beliefs and even her weight, Amel Bent never wanted to change to please her critics. She pursued her own path, and it turned out to be there! The singer is one of the important figures in the French music scene.

never used to, Motherhood hasn’t been a barrier to Amel Bent’s career eitherToday a mother of three, two girls and a boy, her family life is more important to her than anything else. But that didn’t stop her from continuing her tour and shining like her star.

A star who has yet to dazzle us, according to his recent posts on social networks!

A stunning photo, everyone agrees

Still thanks to his favorite glam team, Amel Bent shines with a thousand lights. In fact, even though there’s no denying she’s breathtaking, the star doesn’t forget to highlight her team’s work. Hair, makeup and clothing, she knows she wouldn’t be what she is without these professionals.

But in the comments of her fans, on Instagram, there was no congratulations on the work of the previous pageant teamApplause for Amel Bent’s brilliance. Some even compared it to a fighter jet! This is all the more impressive when we learn that five months ago, she was pregnant and ready to give birth.

Amel Bent fans have come to understand that the star is not one to rest on his laurels. She is recovering better than ever and has no plans to stop there. Mom First, Amell is also an ambitious singer and her fans congratulate her.

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