February 4, 2023

Cosette Designed and produced a new campaignElections in Quebec In view of the next provincial election in Quebec. Under the theme of “turning the tide”, the initiative invites the masses to turn out to the polls on October 3 to reverse the declining turnout. With self-deprecating humor, the campaign sought to reverse the decline and generate maximum interest in provincial elections.

“Nearly a third of Quebecers did not vote in 2018, a reality that is even more true among younger generations,” said SusannanoDirector of Communications and Public Affairs Elections in Quebec. work together Cosette, so this year we’ve redoubled our efforts to reverse that trend and encourage 18-44 year olds to vote. The campaign continues to have an approachable tone to the public as we hope to attract and persuade as many people as possible to actively participate in this important democratic movement.

The agency devised a variety of strategies Elections in Quebec Contrary to her usual practice of persuading people to vote. Instead of promoting celebrities or influencers popular with young people, engaging with current trends on social media, or even betting on common-sense civic action, do the opposite.

“Democracy is precious. We really have to do everything we can to get people to vote more. That’s why we took the liberty of making a bold proposal that raises the bar and thinks outside the box to get 18-44 year olds interested in voting. We A creative concept and a signature had to be developed to fulfill our ambitions in terms of electoral interest and notoriety,” explained Richard Rochette VilleneuveCreative Director Cosette.

Advertising messages are deployed on television, radio, the Internet, and billboards.To achieve the younger core goal, the offensive also includes changes on social media, particularly content on the TikTok platform and Metaverse activation in partnership with Metaversemonster effect.

Emotional Intelligence 3a
Emotional Intelligence 3b
Emotional Intelligence 3c
Election QC 3d


Advertisers: Elections in Quebec
mechanism: Cosette
create: Anne-Claude Chenier, Richard Rochette-Villeneuve, Sebastian Foggett, Nadine El-Whidy, Fabrice Poirier, Guillaume Saint-Hilaire, Nicholas Barragone, Jasmine Brochure, Camille Foggett
strategy: Marie Willangou, Hugo Fournier, Valerie Rabont-Cotter
product: Nicole Laplante, Léa Breton, Louiza Help
Proxy output: seventh
Electronic production: Joanne Roy
printout: La Berge, France, Natalie Boucher, Natalie Gaduis
Digital Production: Mario Lévesque, Maxime Bluteau, Josée Lévesque, Patrick Payeur, Annie Turcotte

Production plant: Nova Movies
Achievement: Francois Lalier
his: Rondo
Filming and editing: Neighborhood – Martin Flamand and Rodolphe Beaulieu
Activation in Metaverse: The Monster Effect and Martinolette
Media Organization: Cosette Media
Media Planning and Activation: Amelie Lemieux, Karin Marquis, Alec Blondin-Stuart
PR agency: citizen
Public Relations and Influencer Marketing: Fanny Laurin, Anne Robitaille

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