February 4, 2023

90s lip gloss was everywhere beautiful Star. A list of the stars who fell in love with this makeup product.

For decades, lip gloss was forgotten at the bottom of handbags. Its viscous texture, which sometimes pills, has not gained consistent support in the beauty world. But today the luster is back in beauty celebrity. Perhaps it’s thanks to the nostalgia of the ’90s, and the resurgence of fashion and beauty trends in those years. Fendi, Victoria Beckham Blumarine integrated it again on the runway. On the celebrity side, from Dua Lipa to Vanessa Hudgens via Amandine Petit, they all love it!

Gloss, this beauty product is a dazzling success

Nostalgia has clearly taken hold, as evidenced by the latest trends. Meanwhile, there’s a move toward a more minimalist makeup look. This is why the gloss has managed to return to beautiful charm celebrity. From 2020 to 2021, the Look Fantastic platform observed an 11% increase in searches for lip gloss. Quick and easy to apply, lip gloss is the perfect product to enhance any look. Especially since then, the lip gloss formula has improved. Say goodbye to unpleasant stickiness. The formula and shade range has really grown over the years, making lip glosses the perfect choice.

Jennifer Lopez is one of the newest celebrities The combination of nude gloss and brown pencil provides this contrast, reminiscent of the 90s. Hailey Bieber even used then-Naomi Campbell as her signature. Meanwhile, Jada Pinkett Smith also went with a very popular burgundy color. Amandine Pettit, Sonia Loren, Judy Turner-Smith… They sublimate all lips with gloss. So don’t expect this trend to go away anytime soon.

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