January 23, 2023

This Sunday, September 4th, at the ceremony Mostra, there are many famous people. in the congregation, Penelope Cruz A dazzling gown made a splash.

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Here comes Penelope Cruz Imensita, a film by Emanuele Crialese.For the occasion, she walked the red carpet in a signed dress ChanelNo wonder, since she’s been an ambassador there since 2018. So the Spanish star opted for a look that was more than glamorous: a maxi black dress with purple flowers. The least we can say is that the star perfectly represents the French home.

Imensita is a dramatic work that takes place in Rome in the 1970s. Clara (Penelope Cruz) is married to a violent man but barely leaves him. So she escaped loneliness by focusing on three children with whom she was very close. Soon, she has to face her eldest daughter, Adriana, who questions her gender and wants to be a boy. It’s an autobiographical film by filmmaker Emanuele Crialese, who says he was inspired by his own story and that he is transgender. A feature film that questions depression, the weight of patriarchy and the quest for self.

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