January 27, 2023

Meet Elle Fanning, the muse of the new age fragrance Paco Rabbani fame.

Brigitte Bardot in chain mail or francoise hardy Dressed in a shimmering miniskirt…free and ultra-feminine, these French icons inspired Paco Rabanne to create a fragrance full of glamour. result? Glowing juice on bottom and table. First is its scent: an irresistible jasmine scent, a super-smooth scent that accompanies a triple liter with an exotic mango accord. It’s made, then. To create this fragrance, Paco Labanne Committed to respecting the environment and the planet as much as possible at all levels. Miscellaneous: 1) the ingredients come from sustainable sources, 2) one of the molecules, Dreamwood, is produced by White Biotech, 3) the bottle is refillable. To embody this new fragrance that sparkles like the iconic Paco Rabanne dress, Elle Fanning, sunnier than ever, swirling in a movement like an ode to Paris. Meet the actress at the luxury hotel Rue de Rivoli.

Paco Labanne

Interview with Elle Fanning, muse of Paco Rabanne’s new Fame fragrance.

How did you react when Paco Rabanne asked you to be the face of Fame?

I am so excited!house Paco Labanne Is iconic, it’s been around for years but still as fresh as ever. Julian DossenaThe designers, who really ensured this brand into the modern era, always push the limits of creation further. When you wear one of her pieces, you feel unique, vibrant, sparkling, and confident. In my opinion, the Paco Rabanne woman doesn’t take herself too seriously, her world is happy and interesting. We really felt that in the campaign and I liked the concept. The bottles are as fun as the ads are! I really love having this figurine on my dresser or nightstand as a decoration.

What is your connection to Paco Rabanne’s house?

The atmosphere is really nice. Everyone was so kind, caring and happy to talk. When we shot the commercial, everyone made sure I was comfortable and had a good time. I’m not just a model, I actually wear my actress clothes. I have to interact with the bottle, it’s a real show, you can’t just be pretty.

Paco Labanne

Paco Labanne

What is your best olfactory memory?

I have so many… fragrances have the power to transport us through the years. In high school, I wore super sweet vanilla fragrances that were cheap. I’m wearing way too much, but I think it’s cool! I always thought I grew up wearing perfume every day, and now I do. My mom doesn’t wear perfume every day and only uses it on special occasions.

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How do you feel when you wear Fame?

I wear it every day, just before leaving the house. Kind of like this fragrance is the icing on the cake for my look and gives me confidence. I love the scent of Fame, it’s sensual yet fresh and very tenacious on the skin. I especially love jasmine, it adds a beautiful glow. The fact that its design respects the environment is also very important to me.

If you had to associate this fragrance with a single item in Paco Rabanne’s wardrobe, which one would you choose?

Small patch dress without hesitation!

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