February 4, 2023

Fame, as we all know, has its downsides… Aside from rhinestones and glitter, a lack of privacy and freedom can often do a lot of damage. Mr. Pocora, who was invited to RTL on Tuesday 30th August 2022, confided what he thought was difficult at work.

Dad started 2020, and Mr. Pocora doesn’t see celebrities the way he used to. Today, he tends to avoid crowded places and paparazzi. but why? Well, because he wants to protect his children. On RTL’s broadcast on August 30, the French singer returned to a very disturbing moment he experienced this summer, despite being on a beach holiday with his family. “I’m at the beach with my kids. When I started to get to the beach, there were people watching and people watching. Those who were in the water came out to the beach, picked up their phones, used them to get back into the water, and took pictures of me swimming with the kids.‘, he recalled.

“It’s a psychologically demanding job”

Mr. Pocora and his small family were so embarrassed by it that they eventually left the place. A forced decision he would rather not make…”It’s one of those unbearable things. In fact, we’re leaving the beach because I don’t want to be photographed for three quarters of an hour while I’m in the water with the kids. But people also have to be aware of this…there are a lot of positives, but also very difficult things. That’s why this is a mentally demanding job.“, he lamented.

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