January 27, 2023

Celebrities attract us for their charisma. That’s why it’s so easy for us to imitate their attitude and appearance. Such was the case with Kendall Jenner, who recently showed off the maxi dress trend.

Who said long skirts are out of date? It wouldn’t be Kendall Jenner anyway. Wearing this accessory is not complicated for the celebrity.

You can also follow the maxi dress trend in various ways. If you’re interested in this, don’t wait any longer and keep reading.

Maxi Dress Trend: Emulate Kendall Jenner

For People News subscribers, Kendall Jenner needs no introduction. This guy has been on the reality show The Incredible Kardashians since he was eleven years old. In addition to being a TV star, she also gained fame from her modeling work.

So it’s no surprise that his every public appearance has aroused curiosity. Recently, she has been walking the streets of Los Angeles.

Her looks didn’t leave her fans indifferent. This time, Kim Kardashian’s half-sister bet on simplicity: wearing just a long white dress, a dark green tank top and tennis shoes.

There’s something to keep fashion fans happy. For the latter, it’s yet another chance to find inspiration for a new summer look. The maxi dress trend is sure to be a hit. And you, are you ready to try the same experience? It doesn’t seem like it used to be a habit. So why resist temptation?

Mimic Kendall Jenner while staying original

You may have fallen in love with Kendall Jenner’s maxi dress trend. Therefore, you are tempted to imitate the star while maintaining your ego. In this sense, consider changing some details to slightly modify your look. You can already change the color of the dress: from darkest to lightest, imagine all the shades that please you.

The same goes for patterns: printed, with or without pattern, it’s up to you. Just like the choice of skirt, the choice of vest and shoes will vary by model. If Kendall Jenner opted for a medium tank top, maybe you’d wear a large or small tank top. How about swapping this accessory for a shirt or tee? It also goes with your maxi dress trend.

Combining her long dress with sandals or heels is also an option. But if you prefer to stay in the same star mentality and wear your maxi skirt trend with sneakers, there’s nothing stopping you from doing so. If the supermodel flaunted with a pair of low-top sneakers, maybe you’d go for sneakers or a medium.

You can see better by looking on the web or in a store. You can not only compare between products, but also evaluate the quality-price ratio. The maxi skirt trend is not only about fashion, but also about budget.

The trend of long skirts, on what occasions do you use this look?

asAppearance varies from person to person, the occasion may vary. The maxi dress trend can be worn in any situation: at night, on an outing in the city, relaxing on the beach or during work hours. Therefore, no restrictions will be imposed on you. Wear your maxi dress anytime, anywhere. However, it is necessary to be subtle. This especially concerns the cut of the long dress and the material from which it is made.

For example, long mesh skirts are more suitable for ceremonies and social evenings. The model is available in black at Self-Portrait for 315 euros. For its part, the long felt wool skirt was aimed at bureaucrats and teachers. From the website matchesfashion.com, you’ll find several sizes of this maxi dress trend. High-waisted maxi dresses are best worn when relaxing in town or at the beach. To get one, see the Jacquemus model for €257 on the Farftech website.

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