February 4, 2023

Expand this summary, punctuating it with the route’s beacons, from a few years ago.

2017: Antoine Valentinelli, dit Lomepal released his first album. I want to talk about the cover, especially since it refers to a photo of photographer William Klein who passed away a few days ago. So this first disc is in the form of Lome Parr in his mother’s clothes. and rimmel in tears. This is a story from a rap boy who chose to push the wall in images, words and sound from the start.

2018: Lomepal released the title of her second album, Jeanine, which is also the name of her grandmother, to sing about her own madness, and her freedom.

2020: Lomepal is named Male Artist of the Year at Victoires de la Musique with the man he loves and duet with. This is Philip Caterina. That night, Katerine will win and greet Lomepal at the microphone.

Summer 2022: Lomepal will perform 6 concerts on full stage and “Bad order”, his new record will be released tomorrow. Soundtracks open to rock, chanson, rap or classical piano.

This poem in particular, heard in the title at the beginning of the album: “Don’t make me like you, I don’t know what to do“.

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With this album, for the first time, Lomepal didn’t put his life in his songs: “I tell about my life, a little about the first and more about the second.And then got there and I really had nothing to say so I had to find something else“The artist is inspired by his life, his feelings, his emotions, but it’s no longer autobiographical. And then he goes into a bit of a long process before he finds what he wants to talk about. It’s around the idea of ​​identity. The question of quest ends to impose itself:”Knowing if we are changing, if I am changing, if we are responsible for the image we project on others.I ended up writing a lot of sentences and that’s where the first song started : I’m afraid to be the image I send back.

a goal to be achieved

It’s fame, Lomepal put it bluntly: “I have always cultivated a spirit of revenge for life. I really feel like I have a rough start in my life and I have to get through it. I’m not sure which area it will be in, but I’m pretty sure.I struggled with music because it suddenly became a way of expressing myself, it was simple.” Goals achieved, especially the success of the last album and what we expected from it:”I’m interested in trying to have an interesting long-term career. I try to be sincere.I try to make sure that the people listening to me and the people who will listen to this record find themselves related to what I did before, and at the same time I propose changes to them, I take them elsewhere. “

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