January 27, 2023

Laure Calamy decided to head to Venice after a big hit at the Angoulême festival. Not for the discreet (but rich) actress to have a romantic time in her private life, but for another movie event: Mostra. She is expected to defend Sebastian Marnier’s new feature film in Venice, Origin of EvilFor the September 1, 2022 photoshoot in front of the canal, she bet on a clashing look: dark blue jeans turned into black wedge sandals, a shirt tied in front of a navel and hat.

The 47-year-old French woman continues to make her mark in French cinema and is now an indispensable artist.Revealed for her role as secretary in the series ten percent, she knows the dedication of Antoinette’s film in the Cévennes in 2021.and the origin of evil, She finds herself in a luxury villa by the sea with Doria Tillier and Dominique Blanc, between doubt and lies.

The judges for the 79th edition of Mostra Magazine, chaired by the sublime Julianne Moore, also welcomed Cate Blanchett.The Australian star defends feature film in Venice tar, in which she plays an excellent conductor. If she stood out in a Schiaparelli jumpsuit on the evening red carpet, her signature bold sky-blue daytime look was Roksanda. Aimee Lou Wood, as a fan of the series sex education hasQuickly recognized, also one of the artists who came to Italy. Dressed in a Bella Freud polka-dot dress, she showed off the film “Life,” in which she gave the answer to the indescribable Bill Nighy, alias the disillusioned singer. Love.

Finally, we will mention the enthusiastic debut of filmmaker Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu.people we owe Revenant In Mostra with his family: he poses with his wife María Eladia Hagerman and their two children María Eladia and Eliseo.His work revealed The bardo, a false chronicle of some truths Co-written with Nicolás Giacobone, with whom he has already collaborated Beatty and bird manand revealed by Darius Khondji (City of Lost Children, Seven…). A promising team whose work will be visible on Netflix.

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