January 27, 2023

After the Venice Film Festival was highly praised by many stars, the Toronto Film Festival was a blockbuster with a dazzling red carpet and Jennifer Lawrence.

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Sure enough, the earthlings were not idle either, returning here. Especially the stars who have evolved in the film industry. Venice Film Festival is a big red carpet success, Penelope Cruz is getting prettier by the day, young Tessa Thompson doesn’t hesitate to steal the show from Cate Blanchett, or Florence Pugh as always Wonderful. With a steady stream of beautiful dresses and stunning looks, photographers don’t have a second to breathe. Things don’t seem to be calming down anytime soon. Because now, the world’s stars have gathered on the other side of the globe, in Toronto, Canada, for a festival that promises a lot of fun.

Toronto: Number of Stars

The convenience of Toronto is that it’s not too far from Los Angeles and Hollywood. Furthermore, it is believed that it is during this holiday season that the Oscar race really begins. So American stars usually rush there in droves, happy to present themselves in the best possible way. In this respect, this year has been a success!Judge for yourself: Steven Spielberg (whose films shouldn’t be missed lately), Jessica Chastain (recently starred in a surprising biopic), Daniel Craig (we’re getting impatient) waiting for the sequel Expensive), Oprah Winfrey, Harry Styles… If the density of celebrities was any measure, the 2022 Toronto festival would have filled all the counters by now.If there’s one person’s name on everyone’s lips, at the center of all attention, at the center of the media and fans, there’s no doubt about it Jennifer Lawrence.

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Jennifer Lawrence, elegant and smiling in sheer dress

Is an introduction really necessary? Jennifer Lawrencefamous for its legendary Hungry Games (And she almost turned down the role of Katniss). The beautiful wife of Cooke Maroney, she looks simple and sophisticated. Someone who recently confirmed the gender and name of her first child. For those who still doubt his star status, an easy solution: check out our slideshow. In a translucent black dress, she was nothing short of regal. Smiling, seemingly approachable, yet charismatic at the same time, with an impressive aura, the most disturbing stars. Quite simply, she stole the show from everyone in Toronto.

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