January 27, 2023

There”Rachel Modern Hairstyle” is making a comeback at the head of Gen Z. This trend surprised Jennifer Aniston. friends. Find out what she thinks about her signature look that was hugely popular in the ’90s.

We’re no longer talking about Jennifer Aniston and her famous Rachel hairstyles, which have been timeless since the cult collection’s massive success. One hairstyle choice caught the eye in the ’90s, so much so that it was nicknamed “La Rachel.”

Today, with the return of the 90s/2000s trend, the famous multi-layered long bob is back in fashion, including celebrities like Megan Fox and Kourtney Kardashian. What do the actresses behind the trend think?Responses to this interview grant Harper’s Market.

It’s fascinating how much this hairstyle has affected Gen Z” revealed Rachel’s translator, Jennifer Aniston. friends

Who doesn’t remember Rachel’s clip from season 1 friends ? In it, Jennifer Aniston reveals that she has a complicated relationship with her friends, but that she has learned to appreciate it nonetheless:”I fell in love with the “Rachel” look more or less over time, but eventually, through its history and the memories created during that time, I gradually fell in love with it.“.

Even 18 years after the last episode aired friends, the sitcom created by NBC is as popular as ever, especially with the younger generation. The love for the cult series translates into a return to the looks and trends we’ve seen on characters like “Rachel” tailoring.

For Jennifer Aniston, her popularity with Gen Z as a fashion and beauty icon is touching:”See how much she fascinates me [la coupe de cheveux] Speak to Gen Z. What I’m saying is that I hope the younger generation knows how to design it better than I do!

Virginia Inseto

Virginia Inseto

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