February 3, 2023

There are many benefits to stardom, but there are also problems that a lot of TV personalities grapple with. The same is the case with Yann Barthès, who was invited to broadcast on RTL Radio on September 2, 2022, unabashedly about his complicated relationship with notoriety.

In a ranking of the most discreet people on French TV, Yann Barthès takes the top spot on the podium.very secretive, sir Daily Interviews are rare, and for good reason: Notoriety worries him particularly.Guest on RTL broadcast on the show we redo tv, the 47-year-old reporter revealed some surprising secrets. “If there was a way to do this without being known I would do it…but if I knew I would probably think more‘, in the face of Éric Dussart’s great surprise at this definite answer, he admitted.

‘I locked myself up because it scared me’

Yann Barthès could not explain this constant pressure. “It’s big and too much. It’s too heavy. People are definitely not unpleasant, that’s not what I’m going to say, but it’s pretty heavy. You have to think about it all the time, after a while it probably scares me a little bit about squares.I may have held back because it scares me“, he continued.

Still, Yann Barthès has no plans to end his career on television. Unlike innkeepers like Michelle Drucker, who planned to retire a decade ago, likely for retraining. “I don’t know what else I can do. I have to think about it, but I can live without a TV!“, he assured.

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