February 4, 2023

Moov Qatar Movement

Nigerian actress Ini Edo has just posted a sexy photo of her in a super skinny dress via her Instagram account, highlighting her nipples. Soon, netizens were harassing the celebrity, accusing her of behaving like a little girl.

This time, a celebrity in Nigeria’s Nollywood struggles to fill the void of netizens. Ini Edo, because it’s about her, just took a bold step down on Instagram to post a sexy photo of her.

In the photo, the actress is wearing a rather tight dress, revealing her generous curves. Given the status of its author, the star of the small screen and social network, the publication is largely okay. However, on closer inspection, the young woman does not appear to be wearing a bra. So, in addition to the voluptuous figure that emerges effortlessly from the back of the dress, the actress’ nipples are just as clearly visible. And, apparently, this doesn’t seem to bother Ini Edo himself.

piggy movement

In fact, in the title of this article, Ini Edo writes: “Due to popular demand…you go.»

The photo, which proudly shows beautiful Nigerians, apparently did not please several netizens. And the latter did not hesitate to express his views on the star’s dress. In the comment section, the reaction of social network users is unambiguous. Here are a few: “Not wearing a bra. Isn’t that a big shame? You should be ashamed of yourself. » ; “You’ve gone beyond showing your nipples, well…leave it to the little girl.» ; “Madam, your bosom is showing. ».

From this ruthlessness of internet users, it is clear that not everyone is allowed to do everything on social networks. Anyway, Ini Edo will have to think twice, next time she wants to highlight what God has given her, more beautiful.

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