January 23, 2023

Jacques MossThe 32-year-old married Marco Maestri, the head of an image consultancy, in the south of France last weekend. It was in the small town of Charleval that the couple made an appointment for their guest, alias a string of stars, to concretize their love. Tina Kunakey was in attendance, no Vincent Cassel, star shoe designer Amina Muaddi, Damso, Dua Lipa, they broke fashion rules when you were invited to a wedding… In short, there are beautiful people and their beautiful things happen in This wedding is different.

One of the creators, Simon Jacquemus, uses Instagram as the main platform of expression, leading trends worldwide. Starting with his Marseille aesthetic, he crafted the DNA of his brand and his Instagram feed early on, before having his creations worn by many influencers with millions of subscribers. In short, Instagram was his thing, and he naturally posted a series of snaps of this precious moment on his account.Among them, a full video of him speechwhat a wonderful speech! “I love the ‘I love you’ you always say, I love the man you’re with your friends, I love your family, I love your values, I love the way you shave condensed yogurt, I love your sudden obsession , i like your dick, he launched after a few glasses of champagne. At least everyone knows it now!

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