January 27, 2023

Fashion is a perpetual renewal. Therefore, new trends tend to be yesterday’s trends. In Lady Diana’s time, many people recognized her bold style of dress. In fact, the British royal family is known to follow strict codes.and Lady Diana is not one to follow these guidelines. She can often be seen wearing outfits described by newspapers as bold. His basic gear: an oversized sweater and cycling shorts. This trend is making a comeback, especially thanks to other influencers who have adopted the outfit.famous brand H&M therefore released a new collection There are many low-priced cycling shorts. We tell you everything!

Trends in cycling shorts

As fall 2022 approaches, core of the 90s Is making a strong comeback. These are the cycling shorts Princess Diana (alias Mrs Dee) wore 27 years ago. Last season, big-name stars all adopted the look of Queen Elizabeth II’s ex-daughter-in-law, who died on September 8.

Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber or French influencer Noholita.all her influencers are crazy about it Combination cycling shorts, oversized sweater, high socks and a pair of sneakers. If star Kim Kardashian made the concept the flagship model of his brand Skims. Fortunately for us, there are low-cost models.model sold H&M, Zara and other big brands.

H&M launches collection under 10 euros

In fact, H&M wants to counter this trend by releasing a new collection. The perfect collection for fall incoming. Period in oversized sweaters and cycling shorts. So these seamless shorts are part of the collection, On sale for as low as 9.99 euros. It comes in four colors: black, green, blue and beige. The brand offers size variations from XS to XL.

Source: H&M website

Notably, the brand has a slight trim trend. Therefore, it seems that the following sizes are recommended without hesitation. also, These H&M cycling shorts Stand out for its stretchy properties, you can choose the size below without worrying that it will be too big.

Zara offers other colors

This new trend is clearly not limited to H&M. So many other stores decided to do the same. cheap cycling shorts, Available in a variety of colors. It doesn’t seem like it’s ready for a slowing trend.

Swedish brand H&M’s main competitor, Zara, also offers a variety of colors.Spanish brand launched Its “Seamless” line of high-waist cycling shorts. And this, there are natural, white, electric blue, green, black and sky blue and other colors.they show The price of 12.95 euros So there are two sizes: XS/S or M/L.

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