February 4, 2023

We know she’s especially eccentric on screen, big and small, and the rest is huge. Madame Lepic in France 2 season 9 in the series “Fais pas ci, Fais pas ça” or next to her northern compatriot Dany Boon, taking revenge in the comedy with the unpronounceable title “Eyjafjallajökull – Volcano” and even in the feature film “La Ch In the ‘tite famille’, they are siblings. Of course, we also know her in two parts of Guillaume Canet’s “Small Handkerchiefs”, where she is married and then with… François Cruze Cluzet) divorced. And the latter is more important to her than playmates, as the actress and comedian had a child together 21 years ago: Joseph. On Saturday 10th September, on the occasion of the publication of her first book “Maman à moi”, she was invited to use the microphone of Ophélie Meunier – she recounts the events from the perspective of her Maltese Bichon Frise Gaston – Valérie Bonneton For the first time, she recounts the horrific ordeal she endured with her eldest son, Joseph Cluzet, when he was 4 years old.

“I changed everything and wow it was huge”

Her little boy had cancer and grew up in hospital: “I also had a job offer, but I turned it down because I couldn’t spend all my time with him. I wanted to tell it for a long time because I tried my best It was beautiful to have it in the hospital. I changed everything and wow, it was huge,” she said. “Today my son is 21 and he has no bad memories. He loves people because there are always a lot of people coming: nurses, doctors, etc. He loves doctors. It’s always very touching…I want to tell it”, she Go on. The ordeal lasted five years, but the actress recounts it soberly in her book, without self-pity, as the reporter confirmed.

“There is nothing next to Covid”

Valérie Bonneton goes on to talk about her son’s incredible life skills: “Today, my boy, he has a taste for life, but it’s incredible. As soon as I get into something complicated, very difficult, he treats me with Said, “Oh, that’s funny.” But in the end, he got tired of everything. Nothing was a problem,” she explained. “Talking about it moved me (…) It’s almost impossible for me to talk about it because it’s crazy to live like this…”, she was moved to tears. Before adding: “When you have a 4-year-old, who can’t play and who can’t do anything. Every doorknob has to be clean – there’s no coronavirus next to it – and you have to wash the veggies with bleach You have to do it, you have to do it.” A long ordeal that turned both sides into big winners proved once again that there are often tears behind laughter.

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