January 27, 2023

Kylie Jenner, Clara Berry, Caroline Receveur and even Penélope Cruz… many celebrities have succumbed to freckles tattoo. Those also known as freckles have been really popular in recent seasons. Proof by the numbers: Studio By Amelie is a pioneer of this type of tattoo in France, with nearly 300 appointments a month. Follow the phenomenon with permanent makeup expert Amélie Laine.

Are freckled tattoos permanent or temporary?

Freckle tattoos are great for radiant face, with a “sunshine” effect, like coming back from a vacation. It can be done on the entire face or on predefined areas (forehead, cheekbones…).

This type of tattoo is done using a device called manual demography, and the results are more nebulous than classic tattoos. “We do a surface treatment on the skin for a natural-looking result. So the results are not permanent, but last for years. Freckles disappear over time. On average, it takes five years to consider a touch-up”, the expert explain.

Permanent Freckles: Who Is It Right For?

Anyone can resort to freckles tattoos. The color of the paint just adapts to your skin tone. “

On the other hand, if a person has a skin condition, such as lupus or acne, the procedure is best avoided.

The procedure is very simple. It doesn’t last long: about 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the area being treated. These are predefined by the beautician before starting the tattoo.

Professional is coming clean face And disinfect the area where freckles appear. “We then arm ourselves with a dermatograph and a sterilized disposable needle, which we dip into the pigment. We then prick the skin irregularly to create freckles,” says Amélie Laine.

A little redness or some swelling may be observed after the procedure. This is completely normal and does not require social exclusion. You can resume activity afterwards.

How soon can we see results? “Freckles are a Not very dark at first, then after three to four days they brighten up. After a week to ten days, you will be able to appreciate the final result,” says the expert.

What paint is used for this tattoo?

Pigments used for freckles tattoos are usually organic pigment“Pigments are classified into organic pigments, inorganic pigments or mixed pigments, i.e. a mixture of organic and inorganic pigments. On our side, we only use organic pigments because inorganic pigments tend to turn red or orange,” the expert said.

Several colors are also used for do freckles“We use caramel, moles to blend and adapt to skin tone in a minimal way,” she adds.

Do freckles tattoos hurt?

As with any procedure, pain depends on an individual’s sensitivity. “It’s tolerable, and the pain depends on the area being treated. In general, it’s more sensitive around the eyes,” says Amélie Laine.

Of course, you can apply for a numbing cream If you are concerned about pain, do it a few hours before the procedure.

Freckle tattoos do not require any special maintenance. On the other hand, during the healing phase (about 10 days), it is recommended to:

  • Don’t expose yourself to the sun
  • no sauna
  • don’t do hammam
  • Don’t do a UV session
  • Don’t immerse yourself in water for too long
  • don’t peel

In short, anything that might interfere with healing.

Gradually, the freckles will blur and turn into a bronzer that blends into the skin and provides a supernatural finish.

What if you regret your freckled tattoo?

Already, we must remember that freckles will gradually disappear.If you really regret your tattoo, you can turn to tattoo removal procedure or to a laser meetingSplit the paint and remove it.

If your freckled tattoo misses out, don’t panic, it’s possible to catch up. “We saw a lot of disasters, especially too dark freckles that looked more like moles. Then we tried to reconcile by re-tattooing. But going to an institute that has real expertise (and respects hygiene standards) is very important to avoid this situation,” the expert affirmed.

Otherwise, there is always the makeup option, with Cover the base.

Before starting, it is still advisable to try henna or makeup for freckle removal. You can easily create some freckles with a brown pencil. This will let you see if you like the result and most importantly, if you will see yourself getting freckles every day.

>>> Many thanks to Amélie Laine from Studio By Amélie for her expertise and availability. You can find all his performances on Instagram.

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