February 4, 2023

Want to know the 2022 autumn and winter hairstyle trends? It may still be warm outside, but a simple look at the window shows that the little top has been replaced by a warm sweater, and the ankle boots have replaced the sandals. Yes, autumn has come! But even if it’s a little sad to say goodbye to summer, we’re glad to know what’s new for the colder season. Let’s start with the new hair trends for autumn/winter 2022: what hairstyles are the stars going crazy for this fall? This is the hairstyle we’ll be seeing everywhere soon!

Fall/Winter 2022 Hair Trend: Extra Long Bangs

2022 autumn and winter hairstyle trend long bangs

Bangs just above the eyes are a super trend for fall 2022. If you pair long bangs with a voluminous cut, you have a super versatile combo that will stay beautiful even as your hair grows back. If your hair is naturally curly, it’s best to help transition to a longer, rounder hairstyle. Use a curling cream to maintain curls and prevent frizz.

Fall/Winter 2022 Hair Trends: Boyfriend Bobs

2022 autumn and winter hairstyle trend boyfriend square wave bob

According to the pros, the fall/winter 2022 bob hair trend is back this season with tons of different variations. For example, if you want a 90s-inspired look, you can opt for a short bob with a soft chin, or a shoulder-length bob if you prefer longer hair.

A square or bob cut is perfect for thick hair and offers plenty of styling possibilities. Everyone has a bob this season, and we’d like to see a lot of nice and functional bobs that are shoulder-length or shorter.

Fall/Winter 2022 Hair Trends: Styles Inspired by the ’70s

Fall/Winter 2022 Hair Trends Inspired by the 70s

This season, the fall/winter 2022 hair trends are being used to convey the effortless coolness of the 70s, and if you like the energy of the era, opt for layered cuts to frame the face. This cut is actually a great way to modernize your look and wear push-back bangs with pride. We’ll see more longer layered versions of butterfly cuts this fall.

Sliced ​​Bob: Trending Hairstyles for 2022

2022 Fall 2022 Trendy Hairstyles Sliced ​​Bob

Want to know more fall/winter 2022 hair trends? We show you the sliced ​​bob! This is a short to medium and blunt hairstyle that is very popular among celebrities. This is a classic and elegant hairstyle that uses scissors to cut the tip of the hair into a shape instead of a layer. The entire hairline is blunt. Use a hair oil or serum to keep your hair silky and well-hydrated and prevent split ends.

very short clip

Trendy Super Short Hairstyles for 2022

Many stars, such as Doja Cat, have cut their hair short. While we’re not quite ready for such a drastic change, it’s worth considering a short haircut this fall. The short hair trend for Fall/Winter 2022 is very interesting, and its versatility is the opposite of what one might think. Also, short hair always requires less time and maintenance than long hair. Summer vacations are often a tough time for hair, and there’s no better way to strengthen it than by cutting it short.

edge bottleneck

Bottleneck bangs modern hairstyle autumn

Bottleneck tassels are super popular in Autumn/Winter 2022. Then choose a fringe with short and medium sides and divide it down the middle to create a bottleneck style. This bangs style is so versatile, you can pair it with a blow-dry or a back bun.

Chic square cut

Fashion square cut zendaya autumn and winter

Sleek, sleek bobs are still in trend, and that won’t change for Fall/Winter 2022. For freshmen back to school, you can always opt for a short bob that will also help you get rid of damaged ends before summer break.

wolf cut

Trendy Wolf Haircuts for Fall Trends

The Wolf cut is a cool girl favorite, and it’s still a fall/winter 2022 hair trend. It’s an ultra-popular cut that will also be a go-to this season. The mullet cut is the foundation of this style, but the wolf cut is a little wild with lots of length, layers and texture. If you have a rebellious soul, be sure to try this cut for the new season.

So what’s your favorite fall/winter 2022 hairstyle? Are you ready for big changes?

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