January 27, 2023

Christopher William tell the magazine This is To correct some of his problems physical defect. The singer said he got rid of his complex thanks to a visit to a plastic surgeon, which he says is popular today. This is not always the case. Critics even complicated him.

“At school, I was stigmatized like the ugly duckling or the big gay guy on the field. My success erased that and I felt carried away by the public eye. You wrongly think that this kind of love for people will Heal your broken self-esteem. It’s wrong. So in the slightest failure, you’ll drop lower than before »he lamented in his column This is.

Complicated, Christopher William had to resort to cosmetic surgery

Because we made fun of him, the singer admits he’s a bit of a scalpel correct its mistakes. “I had implants, bumps in my nose, and teeth straightened, but no Botox or anything like that”he told reporters. This is. “For the body, we start so far and thank God it will only improve over time”, He also said. “When you start out really ugly, you really need a big ‘failure’ chance to make it worse.”

that was in 2006 Christopher William Appeared in Rising Star’s audition. At the time, few could have imagined that he was the big winner of the M6 ​​show. Several weeks have passed and the singer is still under seal. Marianne James, who called her “The Turtle”, is amazingly talented and will eventually win on the Pavillon Baltard stage.

In the finale, the public seems to agree with the show’s jury.his atypical appearancehis quick draw, his smile, and especially his Voice of the Queen Soul temptation. Fifteen years later, the singer is now a star in France. finally, Christopher William It seems more charming than he imagined!

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Singer Christophe Willem builds an image for himself

Although many found beauty in her, Christopher William So an image was built, thanks to plastic surgeryThere is no doubt that it is through the scalpel that he has this momentum. confident boy And sure we can find him today. In his last title, PS: I love you, the singer looked like someone who assumed himself. However, he always maintains the simple and easy-to-understand side that we love about him!

Christopher William told This is Seduced another French celebrity, a comedian. Asked by Malika Ménard, Christophe Willem said frankly: ” In my first round, I got to the locker room and I saw a bunch of roses, but it was huge! I was so excited, like, “Who sent me roses?” And there, I saw: Pierre Palmard!“.

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