February 4, 2023

I remember picking a suit Albert Elbaz for YSL Presentation in 1999 boy don’t cry. It was a rich pink top with white pants. I still have them. I must have had red lips too.

How do you prepare for such events: Do you have a skincare routine?

Holidays abroad are always difficult because you have to contend with jet lag and dehydration from flying, as well as alcohol and the meals you eat anyway. I sleep, walk, drink plenty of water, and eat raw fruits and vegetables as much as possible.

What makes you choose one outfit over another for these parties? Is it a passion, or just an aspect of your job?

This is one of the aspects of my job that I love and hate.In recent years, I have started working with stylists Hayley Warrens. She doesn’t usually tackle red carpet looks, so her approach is still fresh. We are good friends and we share a common aesthetic, which helps a lot in our collaboration.

Who is your fashion icon and why?

Hayley Warrens, Melanie WardMany great stylists… Diana Freeland, Marlene Dietrich, Sinead O’Connor, Kate Bush, Nancy Cunard, Cookie Muller, Frida Kahlowomen in fashion, music and art whose personalities inspire me”.

Chloë Sevigny in a Gucci dress.Courtesy Hayley Warrens

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