January 27, 2023

Queen Camilla and King Charles III. (Hillsborough, September 13, 2022.) abaca

During a visit to Northern Ireland on Tuesday, the new England king expressed his anger when one of his pens started leaking under the gaze of the cameras.

Apparently, Charles III tended to lose patience. Illustration during his first visit to Northern Ireland as British monarch on Tuesday 13 September. Despite a cheering crowd cheering her on in Belfast, England’s new king couldn’t hold back his anger when he signed a guest book at Hillsborough Castle.

Just as he was about to sign the document, the 73-year-old monarch began to hesitate about today’s date. “I just want to say…is it September 12th?” he asked the advisors around him. “Number 13, sir,” one of them responded immediately. Suddenly, tragedy strikes… The king’s pen starts leaking, which makes him angry. “Oh my god, I hate that,” he blurted out angrily. Before getting up to give the items to his wife Camilla, who was by his side. “Oh look, there’s water leaks everywhere,” commented the Queen, while Charles III wiped his fingers. “I can’t stand the damn thing. They do it every time,” he complained, leaving the room. Finally his wife signed the document with another pen.

In video, Charles III’s ascension to the throne will change the British monarchy

Charles III and pen

This isn’t the first time Charles III has lost patience in front of the camera. When he was officially proclaimed king on Saturday, September 10, he had already experienced a misfortune. By the time the register said he had indeed taken the oath, the father of Prince William and Prince Harry had made his mind so violently to his aides that they quickly moved the ink bottle that was sitting on his desk. It was a somewhat awkward sequence for the King of England, and it went viral on social networks.

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