January 27, 2023

Catherine Deneuve on the red carpet for the opening ceremony of the 79th Mostera Music Festival. (Venice, 31 August 2022). Getty Images

At the opening of the 79th Venice Film Festival, the French star revealed a detail she rarely shared.

On August 31, 2022, she arrived in red to receive the Honorary Golden Lion, which has rewarded her throughout her career. Catherine Deneuve eclipsed the rest of the group and became the real star of the awards show. Opening of the 79th International Film Festival Venice Film Festival. It was then that a detail came to the public’s attention: the pattern affixed to his kick: a tribal tattoo. Thanks to her silver Roger Vivier heels and her Anthony Vaccarello-signed Saint Laurent dress, the actress was able to reveal it and open to the knees.

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If the 78-year-old actress has remained humble on the topic, she revealed in a 2014 interview with the magazine that she “has always liked it” obsessed. However, she prefers them to be discreet. In addition to this tribal tattoo, Catherine Deneuve also has a turtle on the back of her neck – usually hidden by her loose hair – reminiscent of a Maori symbol.

Catherine Deneuve during Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Week. (Paris, 25 September 2015). Getty Images

In Polynesian culture, shell animals represent strength and protection, and are considered to be deities who facilitate the journey of the soul to its resting place. “It was special, like a logo. The desire to be different. It was erotic,” explained good day About tattoos as she expresses ‘real distaste for certain tattoos’ [qu’elle trouve] Dirty men”, such as those “showing off their tattooed calves in shorts in the summer”. Would we call them an “ugly day”?

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