February 4, 2023

The Venice Film Festival opened yesterday, Wednesday 31 August 2022, in the beautiful city of Venice. A star-studded red carpet The 79th oldest film festival opened with surprise guests from Catherine Deneuve and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The 78-year-old French superstar has won an honorary Golden Lion throughout his career. Accustomed to Venice, where she showed several films in competitions, she also hosted 63e Mostra, 2006, 1998 Volpi Cup Best Female Performance Award Place Vendome Via Nicole Garcia. For her prize, Catherine Deneuve unveiled a gorgeous red dress that slit to the knee. When she arrived by boat, the actress was photographed barefoot, with shoes in hand, before putting them back on, still under the flash.

In front of the photographer, Catherine Deneuve also appeared at the press conference where she confided in her career. “I made a movie a few weeks ago, I’m starting another soon, and I’m still going.This is my reality, this is now”, she confided. A true Italian star and icon, who has a wonderful love story with Marcelo Mastroianni, has also returned to her super-glamorous image.”I’ve never been a sex symbol. Maybe I have something to do with it, my looks, my blonde hair, but you won’t find any sexy pictures of me.It’s not a big deal, especially in recent years“, she explained.

Before accepting her award, Catherine Deneuve had been photographed recalling her commitment to Ukraine. Overalls, black pants and a colorful handbag, the actress wore a badge in the colors of the Ukrainian flag on her shirt.

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