February 4, 2023

If we knew her blonde during her Miss France 2015 campaign, Camille Cerf decided to change up her hair color, opting for a very trendy color that’s perfect for late summer.

Camille Cerf has gone from gold to brown before adding a new color: smoky hair. The former Miss France opted for a brown shade of the color to show off a lovely new hairstyle.

New colorway for Camille Cerf

As summer draws to a close, people’s desire to change their hair grows stronger. This is the case with stars, many of whom have changed colors recently, like Nicole Kidman, Sophie Marceau, Halle Berry or Kristen Stewart. The last celebrity to join the club: Camille Cerf, who started the school year in a desirable new color. The 2015 Miss France winner posted a real video on her Instagram account on August 28, in which she revealed her successful hair change. “Smoky brown. do you like it? “, We can read the title of this publication, which has been praised by many internet users.So the beautiful Calais went smoky brown hair success.

smoky hair, back-to-school craze

Smokey hair, a color that has been attracting beauties since 2021, is about to conquer the start of the 2022 school year.Similar to the classic sweep, smoky hair involves crafting finer and subtler locks to bring this out smoky hair effect. Result: Melting color gives hair a very natural look. While it works on all hair colors, smoky hair is perfect on top of brown hair because it adds shine and vibrancy to the mane without the obvious sweeping or traditional wicking effect. It’s the ideal color for a smooth transition into fall.

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