January 27, 2023

Blake Lively at the Forbes Women in Power Summit. (New York, September 15, 2022.) abaca

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are expecting their fourth child. Married for ten years, the two Hollywood stars are already parents to three daughters.

Parents of three daughters, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, are ready to expand their family. On Thursday, September 15, the 35-year-old actress showed off her “baby belly” at the Forbes Power Women Summit in New York. She showed up in a slinky sequined mini dress, showing off her baby bump.

Blake Lively is pregnant with her fourth child. abaca

At present, the Hollywood star couple has not confirmed the news.This fourth pregnancy is a surprise anyway, as the series’ former actress gossip Girl A photo of her in a bikini was posted in August, but it still doesn’t show anything.

In the video, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are on the Walk of Fame as a family

“I’ve never felt so strongly myself”

In an interview a few months ago, Blake Lively confided in his mother. “I think having kids has made me feel so much better about myself. I’ve never felt more comfortable with my body, or more confident in myself – I’m not saying I’ve never bothered me a million times a day Insecure, but I feel really good,” she said in the magazine. ForbesRecalling the importance of family again: “My family has always been my number one priority, growing up, whether it was my parents and siblings, and now my own family. Family is […] is the foundation of everything I create. “

last hollywood couple

In a relationship of over a decade, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds ran into a few pitfalls before spinning their perfect love.The two met on set in 2010 green lantern, by Martin Campbell, but their relationship was initially platonic. “We were friends,” the 45-year-old actor recalled on the 2021 “SmartLess” podcast. A year later, his divorce from Scarlett Johansson was finalized. Meanwhile, Blake Lively broke up with “Dan” translator Penn Bagley. gossip Girl. That being the case, the romance between heroes green lantern It will take several months to get started. “Nearly a year and a half after we met, we set up a double date…with the person we were dating at the time,” Ryan Reynolds said.

The pair will then “stay in touch, but in a friendly way”. Single again, the actor jumped at the chance to meet Blake Lively again. “One day she was going to Boston and I thought, ‘Okay, I’m going to ride with you. We both took the train. I just begged her to sleep with me. For the rest, Ryan Reynolds in QG , November 2016. “We went to a small restaurant in Tribeca (Lower Manhattan Neighborhoods, New York, Editor’s Note) turns on really late and plays a song. I said, “Do you want to dance?” There was no one there, the street was empty. Something magical happened. “A week later, I said to him, ‘We should buy a house together,’ Ryan Reynolds still remembers on the ‘SmartLess’ podcast. We did.” The couple will finally be in South Carolina on September 9, 2012 State married and then gave birth to three daughters James, Inez in 2016 and Betty in 2019 in 2014.

In video, Blake Lively celebrates Ryan Reynolds’ birthday

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