February 4, 2023

On Virgin Radio’s “Le Morning sans filtre,” Wednesday, September 14, 2022, Guillaume Genton, Diane Leyre and Fabien Delettres return to the ways in which producers or relatives could influence the outcome of certain TV shows. Miss France also explained that her family went out of their way to win the coveted scarf and crown. “So be careful, I’m not saying my family hasn’t invested a lot of money. I know my parents voted a lot.I think my brother’s votes are as high as 1000 euros.” and then told Diane Leyre, leaving the animators speechless.”Well he loves me and he wants me to win!‘, she clarified.

Guillaume Genton also interviewed Benjamin Castaldi by phone. Today is a columnist for “Touche pas à mon poste”, one of the pioneers of a show that sanctifies candidates chosen by audience voting. And for him, there’s no question that if there’s no cheating, producers could do everything in their power to reverse or confirm the trend.

So at the beginning of the reality show, at another time, which is my time, we didn’t actually give an end time for the vote. This is actually very useful because if you have a candidate and you want to see it pass and at 9:12 pm he’s in the lead, you close the ballot, we set a record, we can’t vote anymore. And, as I experienced on Loft 2, we actually stopped voting at 9:12 pm because we wanted to save the candidates as playgrounds.‘, said the former host of Secret Stories.

But now we have to give an end time, so it’s complicated to stop voting when we want. Not even possible. That’s why remember TF1, Magalie Vaé, they did everything they could to make her stand out in Star Ac, and they stuck with it until the end.“, and then revealed Benjamin Castaldi.”She’s so popular they can’t do it“, Guillaume Genton concluded.

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