January 23, 2023

Ayem Nour is TPMP people For this 2022-2023 school yearNeedless to say, she was no stranger to the battalion. In fact, she quickly found her place in Matthieu Delormeau’s team.

Furthermore, as of September 3, she has not hesitated to express opinions that are inconsistent with those expressed by her comrades on set. And the icing on the cake, at the same time as this bold stance, she also gave herself a refreshing revelation. really, Ayem Nour did a great job on C8!

Let’s take stock of this revelation from Irving’s mom, and what it means for her love life.

Can Ayem Nour call herself single if her heart is taken away?

efficient, Ayem Nour is in a special situation emotionally. It’s like she’s in a relationship, but she can’t be publicly sure. Otherwise, she risks losing the relationship.people who share the life of a columnist TPMP people Might not want to fully assume yet.

But why did Ayem Nour risk exposing himself this way on the C8? Why evoke a love story that seems to lack commitment? after all, Obyeko Do not doubt that it is not the suitor who is missed in front of the beauty. So she has every reason to use her advantage by talking about her love life.

Still, she used her private life as an example to express her views sincerely. She therefore defends Stéphane Bern, who chose to expose himself with his partner despite the failure of his last relationship, which he attributes precisely to this media exposure.

According to Ayem Nour, the success of a relationship does not depend on exposure, but on the relationship itself. What Stéphane Bern sees with his current partner may have nothing to do with his life with his ex. To prove this, So the columnist tells her own story.

A poignant, sincere, surprising speech

“There are people I don’t want to present myself with, and there are people I want to present myself with today. I am today I’m single but my heart has been taken away. »she said bluntly.

I’ve been very cautious about this. You know very well that I was shot without my knowledge because I didn’t want to be public, except for my son’s father. today, The person in my heart, the person I’m not with, if he asked me to formalize things, I would. »concludes Ayem Nour.

Ayem Nour’s message has been delivered!We won’t hide it from you because, writingObyeko People looking to win the hearts and minds of beautiful women want to formalize their relationship. Indeed, everyone wants to know who he is!

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