February 4, 2023

Sergi Lama bids his audience farewell. At the age of 79, the man who shares his life with wife Luana decided to draw the line in his sprawling career.

Singer Serge Lama bows.After more than 55 years of song work, tube translation I’m sick, an island and From adventure to adventure Decided to refocus on myself and my loved ones and bid farewell to the stage.its on the waves RTL The 79-year-old artist, who was apparently very weak and the victim of rumours about his death, announced the sad news.
“Someday things will stop. You gotta know we’re getting older and my body is making me suffer a lot and I have a lot of inherent problems over time so there comes a time when you have to know how to stop and not was stopped. So I decided to end”he launched, explaining that he made the decision for health reasons.

The great Sergey Lama steps down: “This is the last round”

The man who can brag about his 58-year career will release a new album – his ” Last” He specified – at the beginning of October.As a farewell and a warm thank you to loyal audiences over the decades, the album Love Retrace the great days of Serge Lama, who made his name in 1973 I am sickspend with his fans.

“Something hurts, but it’s also respectful to the public at the same time.he said on RTL. I’m lucky to be able to sing this album because I’m almost 80 years old and because I’m still a man of voice, it’s complicated to live up to who we were. So now I think it’s good for the last round. Now that it’s over, I don’t think I’ll think about it anymore because it’s done. »

Who shares the life of Sergey Lama today?

Serge Lama, who started his singing career at the age of 21, rose to fame at a young age. A true star in the Dick Rivers and Johnny Halliday tradition, he unleashed his passions to such an extent that his personal life had to be kept secret. In 1981, Serge Lama and his wife, Michèle Pottier, became parents to Frederick Jr. But the singer’s notoriety made him decide to hide the child’s existence to protect him.

Serge Lama was born in Bordeaux in 1943 and lived with his wife, Michèle Pottier, until she died of a stroke in 2016. But since 2002, the singer has shared his life with a fan, 45-year-old young Luana Santonino. Now he has become his right-hand man. “With Michelle, we haven’t been together in years. Our ‘body story’ is over. Also, we’ve been living apart. She became my confidant. Love became friendship, greatness ‘s loyalty.he to Paris match February 2021.

Serge Lama and Luana Santonino get married in September 2021 at the town hall and church. “Luana, a believer, wants. I want to give her this moment beyond words. Folk weddings in the snow are great, but churches, dresses, vows are great” (…) Luana does not speak out against anti-aging racism . She likes me I’d rather be 68 than 78″remember Sergi Lama in the column festival.

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